The New Orleans Craft Mafia formed in June 2005 and consists of several independent artists in a variety of media: jewelry, clothing, accessories, bath & body, home decor, and more.

The New Orleans Craft Mafia modeled itself after the original Craft Mafia in Austin, Texas, 
where a small group of talented ladies joined together to support each other in their crafty business endeavors. 

Interest grew and Craft Mafias popped up all over the world.

When we started the group, it was before Etsy made it easy to sell anywhere in the world. It was before there was the vast array of local craft fairs and resources for artists that exist in New Orleans today.

While we are not actively organizing events as a group anymore, we encourage you to check out what our individual members are still up to:

Art By Mags!

Bonga-Chop Designs

Flambeaux Design Company

Kristina Renee Jewelry

Lucky NOLA

Miss Malaprop

Sweet Olive Soap Works

Unique Products