Queens Metal

Queens Metal Jewelry

About the company:

Queens Metal was born from a passion for statement-making jewelry. We believe that putting on a fabulous necklace or badass ring makes the wearer feel like she can conquer the world. Thus, our tagline: “Bold jewelry for fearless women.” The collection features three-dimensional forms, organic details, and urban, industrial shapes. Every unique piece in our collection was either fabricated by us, or cast from models we create in our New Orleans, LA studio.

Krista of Queens Metal Jewelry

About the artist:

Metal artist Krista DeJoseph spends most days playing with fire — literally. When she’s not soldering, hammering and sawing, she’s lounging in a hammock somewhere, soaking up sun, coffee in hand. Krista went to school for English and later, Public Affairs. Neither of these degrees have been of much use in her current profession.

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