Bonga-Chop Designs

About the company:
Bonga-Chop Designs is a custom design clothing business focused on the use of recycled textiles as well as couture and premium ready-to-wear techniques and quality. I try to bring a fun, eco-friendly, and nostalgic approach to fashion. Every piece is unique and meant to be loved. My process begins with a search for discarded bed linens, drapes, tablecloths, etc. I then chop them up and rework them in to a new, one of a kind piece of art. I make all kinds of ladies and girls clothing as well as bags and wallets. I believe that every fabric I touch has a story and history. I enjoy that I have an opportunity to give them a new life where they may be appreciated by a new owner.

About the artist:
I am a self taught seamstress and began sewing as a hobby four years ago. I quickly fell in love with the process and the challenge of mastering new techniques. I am now able to create full time and I sell my work at 2038 Magazine Street, Zuka Baby, local art markets, and on Etsy. When I’m not sewing, I love to spend time with my husband and friends and I love to eat yummy vegetarian food.

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