Bayou Salvage

About the company:
Rust. Sweat. Stormy nights. Sweet Tea on the front porch. Whisky out back. House proud. Cypress moss swinging from branches. Old leather. Family secrets. Muddy back roads. Torn linen. Tent revivals. In the deep south, our atmosphere is our destiny. Whether its the heat, water, wind or hurricanes… our unique cultural experience dictates the way in which we live and how our effects survive. It is our reckoning. My work appeals to those who understand the deep South no matter who or where they are.

is the home of the original skeleton key and lace debris accessories – cuffs, chokers, collars and purses. In 2008 we expanded to include custom made vintage inspired clothing made from recycled vintage lace and organic, made in the USA textiles made in ALL SIZES.

About the artist:
I am a native of the deep south, with an aesthetic and experience that is true Southern Gothic. My childhood was spent playing on the decaying grounds of Rowan Oak (Faulkner’s home) amidst rusty farm equipment and filbert trees that curled back against the sun.

To get my childhood you mix :
3 parts rust, 2 parts torn lace, a jigger of bourbon,& a splash of absinthe. Serve with a family secret (or two) & you have bayousalvage style.

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