7th Annual Last Stop Shop!

by nocmadmin

Somehow we’ve made it 7 years without any good photos of our annual event. We decided to change that this year and Miss Malaprop brought her camera and enlisted her bestie, Ash in Fashion, to help snap some pics.


This year we also had a Stormtrooper to help spread some holiday fun. Here is David with a matching shaving kit case by Kendra of Bonga-Chop Designs.


Emily of Sweet Olive Soap Works helps patrons make some last minute holiday gifts!


Heather of Unique Products has the best security guard in town.


These girls acted like they just saw Justin Bieber or the Beatles. But really, they saw a member of Vader’s Fist.


Miss Malaprop mans her booth.


Tressa of Flambeaux Design Company, with Krissy of Kristina Renee Jewelry in the background.

For more pictures from the event, check out our Flickr page.